Four tips on accessibility to master, if you want be an ace webmaster

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As you can experience every day online, fully accessible websites are few and far between. Despite the increasing attention to accessible website design, even several government sites recently failed to comply with W3C accessibility standards. In the US, the Social Security Administration provides webmasters with a treasure trove of tips and best practices on accessible websites design, like: guidelines and … Read More

The Invisible Puzzle

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Today we focus on EveryWare Technologies, a small app developer targeting visually impaired users. They have already developed several useful apps like:     Light Detector, which allows to check if a light is turned on or off through an acoustic feedback;     iMove, which identifies a position and allows to customize the POI by recording a voice messages;     Math Melodies, which allows … Read More

Zagga, accessible on demand videos

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From creative director to entrepreneur, this is the story of the day. Kevin Shaw is founder and CEO of Zagga TV, a video on demand (VOD) platform that describes movies, TV series and documentary contents to blind and visually impaired people. In the interview he told us how the idea of building this company was born and how this interesting … Read More

OpenWhite, the app that guides the visually impaired in the open and closed spaces

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Its name is OpenWhite and it’s a new smartphone app developed by Italian team HQuadro able to help navigate visually impaired and blind people in closed and open spaces. The idea was born from IRIFOR, the Institute for Research, Training and Rehabilitation of UICI (Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired), with the support of the Cariplo Foundation and the … Read More