The Invisible Puzzle

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Today we focus on EveryWare Technologies, a small app developer targeting visually impaired users. They have already developed several useful apps like:

  •     Light Detector, which allows to check if a light is turned on or off through an acoustic feedback;
  •     iMove, which identifies a position and allows to customize the POI by recording a voice messages;
  •     Math Melodies, which allows kids to practice math in a functional and fun way

Their most recent release is The Invisible Puzzle, a free-to-play game for iPhone and iPad, fully accessible with Voice Over.

The goal of the game is to recognize images by relying uniquely on sound inputs: players can explore hidden images by tapping the phone screen and paying attention to the series of sounds generared. Players can audio-guess differnt types of images, from simple points, to complex geometrical figures or even everyday objects.


The invisible puzzle screen

Invisible Puzzle screen 2


The game dynamic is fast-paced and follows increasingly difficult levels. Besides being fun to play, this game is developed to also gather data to improve image sonification techniques, developed to represent images through sound. Image sonification can be used in various useful contexts, like the study of geometry.

The Invisible Puzzle is free and available on the AppStore and is result of a joint research effort among EveryWare Lab, part of the University of Milan and the Imperial College of London.

Have fun with The Invisible Puzzle game!

Let us know how you like it!


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