Bradley: the timepiece that makes you touch the time

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Touching time? Now it’s possible with Bradley Timepiece, a beautiful watch designed for blind people. This beautiful accessory was designed by Hyungsoo Kim, founder of Aeon Time takes its name from a ex-soldier who, having lost his sight in action, rebuilt a career in swimming by winning two gold medals at the Paralympic Games in London in 2012; his name … Read More

BuzzClip, wearable ultrasound for visually impaired people

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Technology has many purposes, but the most important of all is to improve people’s lives. The founders of iMerciv, a Canadian company based in Toronto, are well aware of this. Since 2014 this company is involved in developing technologies to help people with visual disabilities and, listening to the stories and the daily issues that affect people who are blind, … Read More

Tooteko, art to touch

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Imagine yourself for the first time in front of the Duomo in Milan, assume that someone at some point asks you to close your eyes and imagine what you have just seen a few moments before. You may remember the color of the marble of Candoglia, the Golden Madonnina on the main spire and the incredible and impressive number of … Read More

Tact', the Braille watch

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Tact, braille watch

Julien Bergignat is a French designer with a strong passion for watches. For him design is an everyday quest, that’s why his professional experiences allows him to explore different design fields such as industrial products, limited edition, high end as much as mass market objects, scenography and packaging design. Some years ago Julien created “Tact’” an innovative watch designed to … Read More

Dot, a smartwatch for visually impaired people

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It’s called Dot and it promises to be the new revolution in the field of wearable technology. Why? Because Dot has been designed specifically for use by visually impaired people. In the world we have designed and patented many technological devices to facilitate the daily lives of people, but few of them manage to meet the needs of those who, … Read More