Hands(H)ome: domotics for everyone

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Domotics, or home automation, is a topic increasingly being addressed: efficient smart houses that integrate cutting edge technology and services for a better quality of life. But what exactly are we talking about? Created in the late ‘80s, the word domotics was born by joining the word domus (“house” in Latin) and the word robotics. It indicates an interdisciplinary science … Read More

Not just paralympic athletes: Arjola Dedaj

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Athlete Arjola Dedaj in the foreground

With the Paralympics approaching, we couldn’t let go of the opportunity of interviewing some of the blind athletes taking part to the  games. Today we’ll get to know one of the athletes representing Italy in the athletics team. Arjola Dedaj is a blind paralympic athlete born in Tirana (Albania) in 1981. She’s been visually impaired from birth because of retinitis … Read More

Bone conduction: what it is and its benefits

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Man wearing bone conduction headphones

Sometimes, we have certainties on which we would be happy to bet anything. Who doubts, for example, that humans perceive sounds only thanks to their ears? Probably nobody. In reality, we do not hear only through our outer ear, but also via our skull bones that can communicate to the inner ear, thanks to the phenomenon of bone conduction. This is … Read More

Innovation at the Paralympics: Introducing Blind Cap, the first technology-enabled swimming head cap

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Blind Cap, a silicone swimming head cap with a vibrating component developed by Samsung

In 1960, swimming became part of the programme of the Paralympic Games, and the technique used in the competitions has remained the same for the past 56 years. Swimming competitions for the blind do not differ much from those for athletes without disabilities, if not for two important aspects: the “tapping” The athletes’ coaches, equipped with a special stick that … Read More

BeSpecular, help for daily challenges

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BeSpecular logo

Need help to match your clothes? Forgot your glasses at home and can’t see what is written on the label while doing shopping? BeSpecular could be a solution to these small daily problems. It is an application for smartphone and tablet, published a few days ago and available on the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store. It works in a … Read More