Here's how 3D printing is improving the lives of blind people

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Stampa 3d

3D printing has brought a great revolution in our daily lives. Starting from simple shapes to complex structures this technology allows us to design many forms, giving vent to the creativity of all. Many studies / companies use this technology to improve the lives of millions of people with visual impairment: from tridimensional photos to 3D model of great masterpiece, … Read More

SmartVision: an ultra accessible smartphone designed for blind and visually impaired people

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We report an interesting article by Stefania Leone about the features of the SmartVison smartphone. It’s a mobile phone designed specifically for the needs of blind and visually impaired, with an hybrid interface and can be operated through the touch screen, the physical keyboard or integrated with voice commands.It includes a speech synthesizer, with male or female voice instead of … Read More

The use of assistive technology by blind and visually impaired

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Infographic cover technology accessibility

Accessibility is an important issue and many companies are innovating to make it more intuitive and easy to manage products on the market. Technology must be available to everyone, but at the time, what are the technology and devices used by people with visual impairment? Better Windows or Apple? Android or iOS? To answer these questions NVApple decided to promote … Read More

FingerReader: the wearable text reader

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Developed by researchers at the Fluid Interfaces Group (MIT Media Lab), FingerReader is a wearable device that allows the user to scan the lines of the text and convert them into audio. A reader can read business cards, menus, books titles and more; the only problem is that it can’t “see” the small text, in fact, it’s unable to read … Read More

OpenWhite, the app that guides the visually impaired in the open and closed spaces

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Its name is OpenWhite and it’s a new smartphone app developed by Italian team HQuadro able to help navigate visually impaired and blind people in closed and open spaces. The idea was born from IRIFOR, the Institute for Research, Training and Rehabilitation of UICI (Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired), with the support of the Cariplo Foundation and the … Read More