Hands(H)ome: domotics for everyone

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Domotics, or home automation, is a topic increasingly being addressed: efficient smart houses that integrate cutting edge technology and services for a better quality of life. But what exactly are we talking about? Created in the late ‘80s, the word domotics was born by joining the word domus (“house” in Latin) and the word robotics. It indicates an interdisciplinary science … Read More

Tactile Picture Books Project: 3D illustrations for blind children

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Tactile Picture Books Project

3D printing has changed much of our lives, and this is undeniable. Just think its adaptations in the medical field (such as the creation of custom-made prosthesis), in industry (rapid prototyping), in the field of food (yes, they are studying a system for printing dough) to understand how this new technology is becoming essential for our future. Researchers at the … Read More