Braille Bricks, learn braille having fun!

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Can you learn and have fun at the same time? Of course! It is now possible thanks to Braille Bricks. The Brazilian project makes braille learning process way more fun. The designer created 26 special bricks – similar to Lego – each representing a letter of the braille alphabet with the traditional dots in relief. The project keyword is simplicity; the … Read More

Wondrous World: a beautiful example of tactile picture book for blind children

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Tactile Picture Book for Blind Children

Zrinka Horvat is a Croatian designer and, for her MA graduation she designing Wondrous World, a beautiful tactile picture book for blind children. The main conclusion of her research is that most of the existing picture books for blind children do take into consideration the lack of vision, yet greatly ignore the lack of visual memory as key difference between born-blind … Read More

Tactile Picture Books Project: 3D illustrations for blind children

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Tactile Picture Books Project

3D printing has changed much of our lives, and this is undeniable. Just think its adaptations in the medical field (such as the creation of custom-made prosthesis), in industry (rapid prototyping), in the field of food (yes, they are studying a system for printing dough) to understand how this new technology is becoming essential for our future. Researchers at the … Read More

Feelor Touch the Color, a set of pencils that help blind children to recognize colors

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Today we found another beautiful example of design: Feelor Touch the Color, a set of colored pencils created for blind children to help them learn the colors. Designed by Noh Ji Hun, the Feelor the Color Touch the tips have a three-dimensional object that allow easy color recognition. For example: the red is represented by an apple, the yellow by … Read More