Rio 2016 continues: tonight the Olympic flame will light up the Paralympics

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Olympic Torch with Rio 2016 logo

The countdown has begun! The 2016 Rio Paralympic Games are upon us and we are looking forward to hearing the starting pistol and seeing the 4,350 athletes from 176 countries around the world competing and celebrating the Olympic spirit! This year the program will boast 23 disciplines including, for the first time, para-rowing and paratriathlon. The name Paralympics carries with … Read More

Bone conduction: what it is and its benefits

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Man wearing bone conduction headphones

Sometimes, we have certainties on which we would be happy to bet anything. Who doubts, for example, that humans perceive sounds only thanks to their ears? Probably nobody. In reality, we do not hear only through our outer ear, but also via our skull bones that can communicate to the inner ear, thanks to the phenomenon of bone conduction. This is … Read More

Innovation at the Paralympics: Introducing Blind Cap, the first technology-enabled swimming head cap

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Blind Cap, a silicone swimming head cap with a vibrating component developed by Samsung

In 1960, swimming became part of the programme of the Paralympic Games, and the technique used in the competitions has remained the same for the past 56 years. Swimming competitions for the blind do not differ much from those for athletes without disabilities, if not for two important aspects: the “tapping” The athletes’ coaches, equipped with a special stick that … Read More

5 (more) interesting things about braille

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5 more interesting things about braille

Our previous article about 10 Interesting Things About Braille was pretty popular so, today, we have decided to share with you 5 more interesting things on the tactile writing system for the blind. Here they are: 1) Pop stars and rappers discover braille. Pop music stars like Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar have recently decided to include braille messages in their … Read More

Four tips on accessibility to master, if you want be an ace webmaster

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Computer on a desk showing Google

As you can experience every day online, fully accessible websites are few and far between. Despite the increasing attention to accessible website design, even several government sites recently failed to comply with W3C accessibility standards. In the US, the Social Security Administration provides webmasters with a treasure trove of tips and best practices on accessible websites design, like: guidelines and … Read More