Hands(H)ome: domotics for everyone

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Domotics, or home automation, is a topic increasingly being addressed: efficient smart houses that integrate cutting edge technology and services for a better quality of life. But what exactly are we talking about? Created in the late ‘80s, the word domotics was born by joining the word domus (“house” in Latin) and the word robotics. It indicates an interdisciplinary science … Read More

Pokémon GO (almost) takes over the world

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The videogame of the year is undoubtedly Pokémon GO. Nintendo’s latest release, developed by Niantic, takes videogaming into a totally new realm. Thanks to the mobile app, players can now chase and capture Pokémons in the real world, using the smartphone video camera.   Anyone who played to the Pokémon video games as a child dreamed, at least once, to … Read More

Zagga, accessible on demand videos

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From creative director to entrepreneur, this is the story of the day. Kevin Shaw is founder and CEO of Zagga TV, a video on demand (VOD) platform that describes movies, TV series and documentary contents to blind and visually impaired people. In the interview he told us how the idea of building this company was born and how this interesting … Read More

SmartVision: an ultra accessible smartphone designed for blind and visually impaired people

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We report an interesting article by Stefania Leone about the features of the SmartVison smartphone. It’s a mobile phone designed specifically for the needs of blind and visually impaired, with an hybrid interface and can be operated through the touch screen, the physical keyboard or integrated with voice commands.It includes a speech synthesizer, with male or female voice instead of … Read More