Tactus: orient yourself behind a desk

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Tactus, tactile map

Would you like to get around the city in complete safety? Today it is possible thanks to Tactus, a tactile map that will help Orientation and Mobility teachers to lead their students towards a higher degree of self-confidence. It allows them to move around the city without any help or support from someone.
Tactus is an editable tactile map, it is possible to place obstacles and landmarks to explore the cityscape through fingers. In this way the students can use the sense of touch to move around the city streets, developing their orientation sense and this will allow them to be more independent. Tactus Kit includes: a mapping tool, a texture legend which is a tactual chart outlining all the textures used in the mapping tool, tactile cards illustrating the intersections for mapping onto the tool and finally a guidebook containing the kit instructions and a series of mapping exercises for students.

Il Kit Tactus è composto da: mappa tattile, legenda, tessere tattili e guida

Tactus Kit is composed of: tactile map, legend, tactile cards and guidebook

This project was created by the designers Kristina Mok and Taysia Louie for their undergraduate thesis at Emily Carr University of Art + Design (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada).

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