Pokémon GO (almost) takes over the world

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The videogame of the year is undoubtedly Pokémon GO. Nintendo’s latest release, developed by Niantic, takes videogaming into a totally new realm. Thanks to the mobile app, players can now chase and capture Pokémons in the real world, using the smartphone video camera.   Anyone who played to the Pokémon video games as a child dreamed, at least once, to … Read More

Braille Bricks, learn braille having fun!

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Can you learn and have fun at the same time? Of course! It is now possible thanks to Braille Bricks. The Brazilian project makes braille learning process way more fun. The designer created 26 special bricks – similar to Lego – each representing a letter of the braille alphabet with the traditional dots in relief. The project keyword is simplicity; the … Read More

Zagga, accessible on demand videos

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From creative director to entrepreneur, this is the story of the day. Kevin Shaw is founder and CEO of Zagga TV, a video on demand (VOD) platform that describes movies, TV series and documentary contents to blind and visually impaired people. In the interview he told us how the idea of building this company was born and how this interesting … Read More

BeSpecular, help for daily challenges

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Need help to match your clothes? Forgot your glasses at home and can’t see what is written on the label while doing shopping? BeSpecular could be a solution to these small daily problems. It is an application for smartphone and tablet, published a few days ago and available on the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store. It works in a … Read More

Tactus: orient yourself behind a desk

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Tactus, tactile map

Would you like to get around the city in complete safety? Today it is possible thanks to Tactus, a tactile map that will help Orientation and Mobility teachers to lead their students towards a higher degree of self-confidence. It allows them to move around the city without any help or support from someone. How? Tactus is an editable tactile map, it … Read More