Feelor Touch the Color, a set of pencils that help blind children to recognize colors

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Today we found another beautiful example of design: Feelor Touch the Color, a set of colored pencils created for blind children to help them learn the colors. Designed by Noh Ji Hun, the Feelor the Color Touch the tips have a three-dimensional object that allow easy color recognition. For example: the red is represented by an apple, the yellow by … Read More

'Hello Haptic', a set of tactile cards for blind children

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Hello Haptic

‘Hello Haptic’ is a flash card kit designed for for children with visual impairments. These cards, thanks to the Braille text embossed on one side of the paper and a texture on the other, help the child to learn and become familiar with the nature around them. Each kit is categorized by a location in nature such as the zoo, … Read More

Dot, a smartwatch for visually impaired people

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It’s called Dot and it promises to be the new revolution in the field of wearable technology. Why? Because Dot has been designed specifically for use by visually impaired people. In the world we have designed and patented many technological devices to facilitate the daily lives of people, but few of them manage to meet the needs of those who, … Read More

Tikk-Tekk Rainbow, the tape measure for blind people

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Tikk Tekk Rainbow example

Some years ago, two chinese design students from the Tongji University in China have built Tikk-Tekk Rainbow, an original and low-cost universal measuring device that uses visual, auditory and tactile feedback for measuring an object and it was specially designed for visually impaired individuals. Tikk-Tekk Rainbow is a low-cost universal measuring tool between finger tips. Apart from printed digits and … Read More

Touch Color: the graphic tablet for blind people

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Cover image Touch Color

It looks like a normal graphic tablet, but Touch Color is designed for a very specific purpose: to allow the blind to draw. Conceived and designed by a group of Chinese students, Touch Color stopped at the prototype stage and never entered in production; nevertheless it is interesting to find out how it was conceived its design and what would … Read More