OpenWhite, the app that guides the visually impaired in the open and closed spaces

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Its name is OpenWhite and it’s a new smartphone app developed by Italian team HQuadro able to help navigate visually impaired and blind people in closed and open spaces.

The idea was born from IRIFOR, the Institute for Research, Training and Rehabilitation of UICI (Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired), with the support of the Cariplo Foundation and the Ministry of Education, University and Research – and was tested at the Institute Claudio Varalli in Milan.

Open White works as an audio guide that automatically locates the position of the user, through GPS, and provides directional information and context.

To do this, the app interacts with a geolocation system based on the iBeacon technology (a small transmitter), to provide, based on the GPS position from the iPhone:

  • specific content based on the user’s location (where you are)
  • descriptions of the surrounding environment (what’s around you)
  • signs of guidance and support along the way (as orientation)

To function properly, OpenWhite requires a Bluetooth system and, at the moment, we find the maps already operating at:

  • Tourism Technical Institute / Language High School “Claudio Varalli”, Milan
  • Regional Park of Appia Antica, Rome
  • The Museum of Roman Ships, Nemi

The application was developed according to specific criteria of usability and can be easily integrated with the functionality of other applications on your smartphone.

OpenWhite app interface

OpenWhite can play a description of its controls, thanks to the reading back of text: simply touch the screen to learn about the various functions available, also the application supports multiple languages, to be used by anyone in the world.

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