5 (more) interesting things about braille

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5 more interesting things about braille

Our previous article about 10 Interesting Things About Braille was pretty popular so, today, we have decided to share with you 5 more interesting things on the tactile writing system for the blind. Here they are: 1) Pop stars and rappers discover braille. Pop music stars like Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar have recently decided to include braille messages in their … Read More

"Walk on water, never alone" The floating piers at your fingertips

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The project “Walk on water, never alone“, will help the visually impaired to imagine the artwork “The Floating Piers“, created by the artist Christo, immersed in the Lake Iseo landscape. Everyday, the floating bridges attract thousands of people who want to experience the thrill of walking on the water of the lake between Sulzano, Montisola and the small island of … Read More

See the world through the eyes of a visually impaired person

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According to the World Health Organization in the world around 285 million people are estimated to be visually impaired, 39 million as completely blind and 246 million have low vision problems. In developing countries it’s estimated that one child of two dies within a year due to sight loss. Italy with 60 million inhabitants, it’s estimated that the number of blind … Read More