Here's how Pixar will change the filmic experience of blind people

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How many of you have stood in a queue to see “Inside Out”? And, how many of you have told to friends and family the funniest scenes of the movie?

Now, imagine  you were going blindfolded into the cinema and listen for an hour and a half to the dialogues of the movie. Probably, when back home, you wouldn’t be able to tell the scenes,but only the parts of the dialogues.

No scenes, no characters, no landscape.

This example is useful to reflect on how the films are little accessible for people with visual impairment. Pixar will be able to change this situation developing an application that can provide a narrative description of the screen (landscapes, physiognomy of the characters. etc.) in real time.

The first test was carried out two months go at an event organized by Pixar called “White Canes, Red Carpet” (photos of event) in collaboration with several non-profit associations like: Guide Dogs for the Blind, Lighthouse for the Blind SF, and Blind Babies Foundation.

Despite some difficulties before the film “A good dinosaur” (problems with download of the app), the people involved were enthusiastic.

We just have to wait for more developments and the launch of the official application :)

(via KQED)

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