Feelor Touch the Color, a set of pencils that help blind children to recognize colors

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Today we found another beautiful example of design: Feelor Touch the Color, a set of colored pencils created for blind children to help them learn the colors.

Designed by Noh Ji Hun, the Feelor the Color Touch the tips have a three-dimensional object that allow easy color recognition. For example: the red is represented by an apple, the yellow by a chick, the fish indicates blue, purple a bunch of grapes and so on for a total of eight colors. Although seemingly simple and perfect as an idea for children, it is still unknown if this type of design will come out on the market.


    Feelor Touch the Color matite Bambina che utilizza Feelor Touch the Color Feelor Touch the Color concept con descrizioni I colori disponibili di Feelor Touch the Color Utilizzo matite Feelor Touch the Color

    (via Yanko Design)

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