Coca-Cola and the new cans in Braille

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Everyone knows the famous Coca Cola campaign  where the cans or bottles are personalized with the names. Probably many of you have been looking for more than five minutes through the store’s shelves to find your name  or that of a loved one. But not everyone could appreciate this nice advertising with a “treasure hunt” style. Blind or visually impaired … Read More

Responsive Street Furniture, urban design for “smart city”

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Moving in public spaces can be difficult for visual impaired people. Crossing the streets or knowing wich way to go to reach a certain place can be an issue in big cities which are not often accessible for everyone. To help people moving around the streets indipendently and safely, uk designers Ross Atkins and Jon Scott developed Responsive Street Furniture, … Read More

Braille clothing tags to recognize the colors of the clothes

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Colors are important for everyone, especially for the visually impaired. People at Polish creative agency Havas Worldwide Warsaw are well aware of this, and so is the manager of the clothing store Rip Curl Pro Store, who in 2014 created a joint marketing campaign to spread awareness about the issue. The main objective was to create a campaign to promote … Read More