Braille Bricks, learn braille having fun!

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Can you learn and have fun at the same time? Of course! It is now possible thanks to Braille Bricks.
The Brazilian project makes braille learning process way more fun. The designer created 26 special bricks – similar to Lego – each representing a letter of the braille alphabet with the traditional dots in relief. The project keyword is simplicity; the student recognizes the letters with his hands, and place one piece next to the other to create words and sentences. Braille Bricks is an experiment to encourage creativity, helping blind kids to learn how to read and write braille by playing together.

Usually, visually impaired children have to learn braille with boring tools like the Perkins Brailler, a “braille typewriter”, with a key corresponding to each of the six dots of the braille code. By simultaneously pressing different combinations of the six keys, users can create any of the characters in the braille code.

Braille Bricks, foto particolare del rilievo braille

Currently Braille Bricks are helping 300 children at the Dorian Nowill Foundation, a no-profit Brazilian foundation, with the aim to encourage the integration of visually impaired students. In the presentation video,Eliana Cunha Lima, Specialist at the Foundation, explains that in Brazil they do not have many suitable materials and, for this reason, teachers and children’s parents have to adapt the tools they already have.
Mrs. Lima was amazed to see how teachers, parents and children overcome difficulties thanks to the game. «Our whole work at the Dorian Nowill Foundation is to show that an inclusive society is very good for everyone. When you create a favorable environment for someone who has a deficiency, you make life more pleasant for everyone else too».

This tool helps not only to learn braille but also to improve social integration. In fact, kids who do not have visual disabilities can use Braille Bricks to play with their blind friends. Blind children can bring the game at home and teach to their friends and relatives how to read Braille in a simple way.

Braille Bricks, bambina che gioca

The project was born in Brazil from the collaboration between Dorina NowiIl Foundation and Lew’Lara advertising agency. On their website, the creators invite people to write a message, translated in Braille, to convince toy factories to produce the bricks all over the world. The hashtag created for the petition is #BrailleBricksForAll.

What is the best way to learn if not while having fun?

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