Linespace: the 3D-Printed Display that can help blind people to explore maps and images

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Linspace is a revolutionary 3D-Printed Display developed by Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam (Germany) that will allow blind people to have a spatial perception of maps and images. People with visual disabilities often use tactile displays to interact with computers, but this support is as effective as it comes to managing the text or the functionality of the operating system. … Read More

See the world through the eyes of a visually impaired person

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According to the World Health Organization in the world around 285 million people are estimated to be visually impaired, 39 million as completely blind and 246 million have low vision problems. In developing countries it’s estimated that one child of two dies within a year due to sight loss. Italy with 60 million inhabitants, it’s estimated that the number of blind … Read More

Touchable Memories: touch the memories thanks to 3D printing

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How can a memory become touchable? This is the question that has set the Pirate 3D team, a company that deals with printing and 3D printers, that gives an answer thanks to the social experiment called Touchable Memories. This initiative aims to raise awareness on the infinite possibilities of using technology to improve their lives. The photographs were faithfully reproduced … Read More

SmartVision: an ultra accessible smartphone designed for blind and visually impaired people

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We report an interesting article by Stefania Leone about the features of the SmartVison smartphone. It’s a mobile phone designed specifically for the needs of blind and visually impaired, with an hybrid interface and can be operated through the touch screen, the physical keyboard or integrated with voice commands.It includes a speech synthesizer, with male or female voice instead of … Read More