A new Braille tablet with innovative technology

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An idea that is taking shape thanks to a study by researchers at the University of Michigan who are developing a new system that will allow the blind to read Braille directly on the surface of a tablet.

The prototype looks like an Ipad but, instead of a touch screen, the device has a screen in relief capable of displaying lines of Braille text.

The technology (microfluidic) uses air bubbles or liquid to create raised dots on the screen.But the real innovation of this tablet is that it will allow the user to read several lines of Braille on the same page, as opposed to readers already on the market which, at the time, used to read one line at a time. Moreover, thanks to the screen size, you can process and transform into Braille points more complex data such as images and tables, making them readable for the blind person and this would be a major breakthrough.

Keep in mind that, on average, a Braille reader (one-line) costs around 2,750 and 4,600 euro (via il Post) but, using this type of technology will greatly upheaval in production costs due to electronic components.At the moment the tablet is still in development, I wonder if this type of device will allow to make a change in the world of Braille readers.

Below, you can find a video of the project:

(via: Popular Science)

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